Manual for “voices hearer” and people next to them.
Discover how to manage, in the right way, voices or hearers.
The “Managing Voices Manual”, by “Hearing Voices” Association, is the result of 20 years of work next to hearers and their families, by Cristina Contini. Cases of success, hearing method and techniques to improve quality of life and create virtuous behaviours that can offer a concrete aid for hearers
The association
Awareness raising, training and support of voice listeners

“Hearing Voices” is an association that has the name of a huge reality and does not address the issue of the voices with traditional criteria and resources. It aims to promote information and training activities, conventions and awareness program regarding existential, psychological, social, health and spiritual problems for people of all ages, who may or may not hear voices. The Association “Hearing Voices” created a proper and operational team and a scientific committee dedicated to ensuring greater and dynamic intervention and – throughout a lot of effective strategies – examine, handle or remove voices.

Cristina Contini


Cristina Contini was born in 1966 in Carpi (Italy). She started hearing voices when she was 19, after a haemorrhage during a surgery which led her into coma. She turned her personal experience in a standard-bearer, creating an effective model useful to deal with voices. Founder of first Italian association “Hearing Voices” and groups of hearers. She and her team are points of reference in Italy for psychiatrists, psychotherapists, psychologists, educators, nurses etc.
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